Product Design & Creative Leadership


Proudly worked for the following fortune 500 companies


Recent Focus

Building enterprise applications
Design culture initiatives
Recruiting/building/mentoring solid design teams
Design systems
Emerging products and technologies
Mobile payments & Digital wallet
Experiential marketing solutions


Core Skills

Design strategy and leadership
Web/Mobile visual and interaction design
Creative direction
Information architecture
Branding strategy


My journey...

Like most, my life’s journey is the prism through which I view the world. Design is a journey, too. An exploration. A discovery. I thrive on the energy I get from creating world-class products that touch people’s lives in meaningful ways.

I love to bring businesses and their customers together through functional, simple, and beautiful experiences. My personal satisfaction isn’t measured in click-throughs or stock grants. It’s measured in what I’ve learned and continue to learn—about the real-world impact of thoughtful design.

I’ve spent my recent years as a Product and Creative Design Director. I’ve driven a design vision. And hired top talent to bring that vision to life. I’ve managed creative agencies. I hold patents in prodcut design. Let me bring my journey of exploration to you. And together we can discover solutions that excite us all.

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