Good Apps
Make Good Neighbors

The Challenge

Strong communities are built one relationship at a time, and research has shown that personal well-being is improved when people build connections  in their immediate local area. But these connections can be difficult to form for a variety of reasons -- rental occupants may change regularly, individual lives have different schedules, and the population may reflect a variety of cultures, ages, and family sizes. Design a digital experience that a person can use to build relationships with their neighbors.



Brief mind mapping. Each keyword presents the idea/reason behind the activities/happenings around resident in the community.

Profile and location verification was one of the interesting challenges for me. I came up with few different approaches around how Smart Profiles, Smart Homes and connected cloud services in future can expedite this process.

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UI Wireframes

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Visual Design / Look & Feel

Screen below presents how community application is focused on content by encouraging user to engage in to the activities around him/her by joining and inviting their neighbors. Also the app is smart to learn about user's behavior and interests to suggest more personalized experience by tracking and analyzing users search, view, location and etc. and sync that data to Smart Cloud Profile.