Personal Summary

I am an accomplished designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in User Experience / User Interface design, visual communications, web development and project management.

For more than 14 years, I have helped employers and clients develop corporate and brand identities, as well as market positioning. My vast experiences range from complex projects, such as User Interface Design, Web Application Interaction Design, restructuring websites based on functionality, performance and user experience to designing print advertising and corporate identities.

I understand the importance of knowing the long-term vision of a company and how to accurately and consistently reflect and strengthen that message in all visual communications.

Lived in Europe and the Middle East with a strong understanding of multi-culturalism and it’s impact on design and user experience.

Strong interpersonal skills for contributing to a team-oriented organization, while always looking for new opportunities to learn. Motivated and disciplined self-starter with a goal-oriented attitude, open to alternative approaches to solving challenging issues.

My Design Philosophy & Style

I respect clean and simple designs, and believe in good design makes choices clear.

My designs are functional “form follows function”, scalable and applicable to the wide range of users. Architecture & nature photography are the two major inspiration sources for me.


Designers who have had the most influence on my work

Dieter Rams, Paul Rand, Frank Gehry, Jonathan Ive, Karim Rashid


I believe in “Good Design Makes Choices Clear”.